Here is a listing of my books, first the books I have written, then edited, and then chapters I have written in books. They are in order of release, the latest at the top. I hope my writing has, in one way or another, been able to be used by the Lord to bless you on your journey of faith with him.

Books Written

Formed for the Glory of God: Jonathan Edwards and Spiritual Formation (IVP, forthcoming in 2013). This book introduces readers to Edwards through his understanding of spiritual formation. If you want to know how Edwards understood the Christian life, then this is the book for you. It is accessible, written for laity and pastors alike, and attempts to show how Edwards’s view of the Christian life can be lived even today. If you want to know what “America’s Greatest Theologian” says about the spiritual life, then look no further. Actually, even if you don’t care about Edwards, but are interested in spiritual formation, I hope you can find here an inviting look into a Reformed vision for spiritual formation.


Jonathan Edwards’s Theology: A Reinterpretation (T&T Clark, 2013 – look for the paperback rather than the hardcover. The hardcover is a bit pricey). This book is an academic work on Edwards’s theology. If you really want to dive into Edwards, this book is for you. That said, this is a serious work of theology. Only read it if you have an interest in academic theology and Edwards’s own theological constructions.


Charity and Its Fruits: Living in the Light of God’s Love ed. Kyle Strobel (Crossway, 2012). This introduction to Edwards’s work is a new edition of his exposition of 1 Corinthians 13. I provide an introduction, conclusion, definitions of arcane terminology and include over 170 textboxes throughout the book that explain difficult concepts. If you want to start reading Edwards, start here (click here to go to the publisher page).


Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life (Baker Books, 2007). This was my first book, and is an introduction to God’s work of formation. The focus is on the reality that God tends to tear down our worldviews rather than simply build them up, something we are not usually prepared for. Using journey language frequently, this book focuses one’s attention on the life of discipleship as the way of the cross. 



Edited Books

I have several edited books on the horizon, so keep checking back or keep an eye on Twitter or the blog for more info. For now, here are the ones set to come out in the near future.

Sanctified by Grace: A Theology of the Christian Life (T&T Clark, forthcoming) co-edited with Kent Eilers. This book assembles some of the best theologians of our day to orient theology to the Christian life. Grounding each topic in a robost doctrine of God with an eye always on the Christian life, this volume tackles theological loci and practical issues for the church and discipleship.

A Guide to Christian Spiritual Classics (IVP Academic, forthcoming) co-edited with Jamin Goggin. This volume focuses on reading spiritual classics well as evangelicals. Most volumes on spiritual classics simply offer a precis of the classic itself with a short blurb on the author. Instead, we focus on why spiritual classics should be read, the spiritual tradition, the theological background, and break the tradition down into five eras so each can be explored more fully. Reading this should provide a platform to engage this works with much greater clarity.

Book Chapters

I have also contributed to a volume on Edwards’s somewhat provocative view of justification by faith. Or is it provocative? That is the question several of us set out to answer. If you are interested in Edwards or in the doctrine of justification, this book will prove to be beneficial on both counts. It is Jonathan Edwards and Justification, ed. Josh Moody (Crossway Publishing, 2012). My chapter is entitled: “By Word and Spirit: Jonathan Edwards on Justification, Redemption, and Regeneration.”

If you find yourself interested in what I am doing with Edwards, or just interested in Edwards’s theology, you can also see my chapter, “Jonathan Edwards’ Reformed Doctrine of the Beatific Vision,” in Jonathan Edwards and Scotland (Dunedin Academic Press, 2011), 171-180; and my article, “Jonathan Edwards and the Polemics of Theosis” in Harvard Theological Review (forthcoming).


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