grumpyToday was a grumpy day for Isaiah.  He woke up grumpy and got back from church grumpy.  We tried to let him decide on lunch or a nap but that decision wasn’t going to happen.  We put him down for a nap.  He couldn’t decide on our bed or his bed.  Candice put him in his room and walked out; he screamed.  I went in to be with him while he was upset and he continued to scream.  I tried to blow him kisses and he yelled, “NO KISSES!!”
Candice came in and laid down with him.
The conversation below is the beauty I observed today.
Wife:  Son, what’s wrong?
Son:   YOU!!
Wife: Are you grumpy and mad at me now?
Son:  yes.
Wife: why?
Son:   :::mumblemumblemumble::: “…down”
Wife:  did you fall down?
Son:  no, ….down in my room and out the door
Wife:  are you mad that I put you down for your nap and then left you in your room
Son:   yes.
Wife: ok.  I’m sorry, son.
Son:   It’s ok, Mama
I love that my wife helped my son process.
I love that my son is learning to deal with his emotions.
I love that we’re parents who want to be with him when he’s grumpy and upset.
I know that we’re parents who sometimes don’t know what to do with a grumpy defiant child.
I love that we can talk to that child about our mistakes.
I love that we can receive and give grace. 
…it’s beautiful 




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  1. marisa says:

    i simply love this. a perfect picture.

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