About Jared Begg
I am passionate about helping people grow deeper with God and live well-ordered lives of Christian Maturity. Currently I am honored to be able to fulfill that calling as a Resident Director with my staff and approximately 100 residents in the hall I live in. I am in my fourth year as an RD at Indiana Wesleyan University. I earned my MA in Spiritual Formation from Biola (Talbot School of theology). My wife, Candice, and I recently completed the adoption of our first son, Isaiah. We brought him home from India on December 4th 2010. God has been using him greatly as a catalyst in my spiritual growth and transformation.

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Breaking My Snow Castle

One thing that defined this year’s long Indiana winter for our family was a snow castle I built for my son.  For a Southern California kid, this was an architectural …

Asking The Good Father

I was having coffee, several years ago, with my undergraduate philosophy professor.  I don’t remember the context entirely, but he was describing some aspects of the nature of God.He said, …

It’s Not You, It’s Everybody

Let me start by saying, this post is not about you. If you know me and my family, this post is not about you. If you have interacted with my son …

Teaching Faith, Learning Faith

My wife and I were sitting on the couch while our son was playing.  He was narrating a little, as he sometimes does while he plays.  He said something out …

Teaching Grace, Learning Grace

I am currently reading Give Them Grace. It’s about parenting to lead your children to holiness, rather than goodness. My cousin’s husband, who is also a pastor, gave it to …


Self: Deception and Discipline

I’ve read Gregg Ten Elshof’s book I Told Me So, three or four times. Whenever I read it I find that it’s a blessing and a curse. I’m blessed to find …

Sharing the Burden of Awkward

I’m auditing a class here at the university where I work.  During the last class session some of the students led the class discussion on a particular selection of the …

Today is My Last Birthday

Today is my last birthday and it’s bittersweet. I’ve never been super excited about birthdays anyway, except perhaps, when I was very young.  But today I’d rather not have one at …

Formed for the Glory of God:Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards
Wisdom tells us to sit at the feet of our elders rather than the latest ministry fad. And is there a better elder to guide us than Jonathan Edwards?
Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics:A Guide for Evangelicals
Many have come to discover the wealth of spiritual insight available in the Desert Fathers and other traditions. The essays in this volume provide a guide for evangelicals to read the Christian spiritual classics.